Profemina's Counseling Services 

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eine junge Schwangere Frau sucht im Internet nach Antworten - Symbolbild

Profemina's Counseling Services 

Why Profemina Exists 

Why is there such a thing as Profemina, a privately funded international crisis pregnancy counseling service? Why do we do everything in our power to make our unique Profemina counseling services available to more and more women worldwide? What drives us to continuously improve our services and not give up when facing difficulties? 

The answer to these questions is simple: It's because of the hundreds of inquiries we receive daily from pregnant women, each one a poignant reminder of the depth of their distress, loneliness, and despair. We understand the immense implications of a crisis pregnancy, and we see it as our duty, even our obligation, to be there for these women. They often remain completely unseen and unheard in their existential inner struggle, a struggle that will profoundly shape their future lives. This battle, fought by millions of women worldwide every year, changes and shapes our entire human existence and, therefore, concerns us all. 

Profemina = for the Woman  

As a counseling organization named "pro femina" (Latin: for the woman), we see ourselves in the global service of all pregnant women in need. This service begins with the awareness that we ourselves are learners and will always remain so. Therefore, our counseling content and delivery are continuously evolving to meet the current needs of today's pregnant women. Our counseling content and style are based on what women teach and share with us daily: their concerns and needs. 

A Crisis Pregnancy as an Existential Crisis  

An (unplanned) pregnancy can suddenly plunge a woman into a real-life crisis, putting her existing beliefs to the test. Due to the significance and life-changing potential of pregnancies, fundamental questions and challenges are raised that affect the existential dimensions of a woman's life. A crisis pregnancy inevitably entails grappling with the question of far-reaching implications: "Should I have an abortion or keep my baby?" 

Profemina considers herself a response to the individual concerns and needs of women who are conflicted about their pregnancy. Everything we do at Profemina is intended to free these women up to make a truly unfettered and self-determined decision—ideally free from fears, external pressures, or feeling overwhelmed. Based on this experience, Profemina's counseling service is founded on three pillars: information, counseling, and assistance


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Amid the chaos of emotions and thoughts that can trigger great uncertainty, women desire increased clarity regarding their situation and an understanding of their options. Therefore, Profemina's goal is to present all pregnancy and abortion-related information – legally, medically, and socially – in a clear and easily understandable format and to make it readily available to as many women as possible. 


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Many women dealing with a crisis pregnancy feel isolated and abandoned. They desire to have someone who recognizes their value as a person, stands by them unconditionally, without judgment, and respects their freedom—an unbiased party who is not directly involved and has professional experience and expertise. Ultimately, counseling aims to strengthen the woman's affirmation of herself and her own life. This makes genuine freedom of choice possible. 


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When her partner and family fail to offer support, when her financial situation feels suffocating, and when she cannot see a way to handle the pressures of everyday life, she increasingly longs for specific help. This support enables her to follow the path that aligns with her convictions despite the difficult circumstances, because someone is there to walk alongside her and share her burdens. 

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