1000plus Über uns
1000plus Über uns

About Us 

For "our" pregnant women and their unborn babies, we give our best every day. Together with our supporters, we aim to provide as much SUPPORT instead of abortion as we possibly can – so that more and more decisions for life become possible! 

About Us 

For "our" pregnant women and their unborn babies, we give our best every day. Together with our supporters, we aim to provide as much SUPPORT instead of abortion as we possibly can – so that more and more decisions for life become possible! 

What Does 1000plus Stand For? 

"1000plus" means that we aim to reach more than 1,000 pregnant women in need annually, providing them with the information, counseling, and assistance necessary to make a decision in favor of their babies' lives possible. 

"1000plus" was our ambitious goal at our founding in 2009. What seemed like a bold dream at the time became a reality by 2011 when we counseled 1,198 women. We have far exceeded this goal today, as we counsel over 250,000 women annually. Together with our supporters, we are committed to ensuring that thousands more women in more and more countries receive SUPPORT instead of abortion so that they can freely choose life for their babies. 

What Is 1000plus? 

1000plus is a German non-profit organization that provides, promotes, and finances information, counseling, and assistance for women and families who are conflicted about their pregnancy. These services are available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and an increasing number of other countries, primarily via counseling services and facilities belonging to Profemina International and its local partners.

In addition, 1000plus uses high-profile campaigns to raise public awareness of the predicament many pregnant women face, emphasizing the dignity, worth, and beauty of every human life. 1000plus has created a network for anyone wanting to contribute to the culture of life, empowering them to give voice to pregnant women in need and to advocate for SUPPORT instead of abortion. 

Who Is Behind 1000plus? 

Kristijan Aufiero

Kristijan Aufiero, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der 1000plus-Profemina gGmbH

This is the visionary to whom 1000plus and the international counseling services of Profemina owe their existence. This founder and CEO of 1000plus-Profemina gGmbH (German NPO). is driven by one concern: "How can we collectively provide pregnant women in need with the best information, counseling, and assistance possible?" What motivates this political scientist every day anew is his passion for empowering women facing unintended pregnancies to make a decision they will take pride in for the rest of their lives — and his joy over every baby that is born thanks to 1000plus. He makes the impossible possible for the sake of creating a culture of life. “Can't” is not part of his vocabulary! 

Dr. Markus Arnold

Dr. Markus Arnold, Co-Geschäftsführer der 1000plus-Profemina gGmbH

Dr. Arnold, who holds a doctorate in theology, shares the management responsibilities of 1000plus-Profemina gGmbH (German NPO) with Kristijan Aufiero. He tirelessly advocates for the continuous expansion of 1000plus: "I believe that the most crucial task of our generation is providing information, counseling, and practical support for pregnant women in need so that decisions for life are made possible. That's why I am committed to 1000plus." 

Monika Aufiero

Monika Aufiero, kümmert sich um sämtliche Abläufe rund um Organisation, Spendenbuchhaltung und Personal

Monika Aufiero is 1000plus's Director of Administration. As the chief accounting officer, she oversees all processes related to organization, donation accounting, and personnel. 

Katharina von Degenfeld

Katharina von Degenfeld, Leiterin des Spendeninformations-Bereiches

Katharina von Degenfeld is the International Director of Donor Relations concerning all countries in which 1000plus has a national office. Her area of responsibility is to provide opportunities for all 1000plus supporters to participate in creating a culture of life: "It is my joy and a privilege to interact daily with people who care deeply about pregnant women in need.  Their active support of this cause allows countless babies to see the light of day! I am moved by their trust, generosity, and the force of their compassion. I consider all 1000plus supporters to be true heroes!" 

Matthias Jean-Marie Schäppi 

Matthias Jean-Marie Schäppi, Profemina-Bereichsleiter für Digitalberatung

"Pregnant women facing challenging situations deserve the best digital counseling service we can possibly provide," says Matthias Jean-Marie Schäppi, Director of Digital Counseling at Profemina. A German scholar with a passion for media and organizational talent, Schäppi has already implemented numerous digital projects since joining 1000plus in 2016. "I am incredibly thankful that so many pregnant women in need are using our services to receive information, counseling, and assistance. Using my talents to help others choose life—that's my absolute dream job!" 

Paula von Ketteler

Paula von Ketteler, stellvertretende Bereichsleiterin der Digitalberatung

As Profemina’s Assistant Director of Digital Counseling, Paula von Ketteler coordinates the expansion of counseling services in additional languages as well as furthering international collaborations. As a trained theologian, she is thrilled by this opportunity to help an increasing number of pregnant women in need: "It all becomes worth it when — after months of tedious translation work, we are able to launch our digital counseling services in yet another language — and nine months later, you hear of a '1000plus baby' born on the other side of the world. At 1000plus, there is never a dull moment, and every day we find purpose in our labor. We want to see more and more women receive 'SUPPORT instead of abortions' in ever more languages and countries!" 

We believe that the main players of our 1000plus team are our donors, friends, and supporters — because without them, none of what happens daily at 1000plus would be possible. They are the ones making SUPPORT instead of abortion a reality each and every day. Read more about what motivates them here: 

Without our supporters, 1000plus would not be possible! 

The Stingel Family 

Famille Stingel

"I support 1000plus by always having 1000plus business cards with me to pass along to pregnant women in my community. I occasionally also leave 1000plus pamphlets at gynecologists' offices. And I am a nanny for a 1000plus child, my 1000plus child." 


Dr. Harald Schätz

Dr Harald Schätz

"I support 1000plus because 1000plus is an incredible source of encouragement. Those who are passionate about this issue can easily lose courage. 1000plus is proof to me that statistics of incredibly high abortion rates are not set in stone — it is actually possible to do something about it." 


Professor Dr. Melanie von Claparède

Pr Melanie von Claparède

"I support 1000plus because it is so necessary. We protect every Maybug and lizard that crawls into Stuttgart Central Station, but protecting our lives, the lives God has given us is truly the noblest task." 

Questions — Concerns — Suggestions? 

We would love to hear your questions and concerns about 1000plus. It is our pleasure to assist you!